Welcome to Lilly Exotics

Welcome to Lilly Exotics, the UK's leading Crested Gecko breeders.

As well as our crested geckos we also produce giant geckos and gargoyle geckos. We are always striving to produce outstanding, healthy, high-end animals. Our breeding groups are from diverse sources, and we have worked hard over the years in selecting the best and most vigorous animals for our breeding stock. With our line breeding efforts coupled with the number of breeding groups we have, we are confident that our high end crested geckos are amongst the best in the world. We have baby crested geckos for sale throughout the whole of the year, and we are one of the only breeders that can offer female crested geckos for sale on a regular basis.

We are dedicated and long standing hobbyists. Over the years our reptile collection has expanded, and in 2010 we took the decision to leave perfectly sensible jobs to concentrate on breeding reptiles full time. What seemed a very risky venture back then has turned out to be the best decision we ever made and we feel truly fortunate to make our living from this great hobby.

Rhacodactylus Ciliatus & Repashy Crested Gecko diet

Apart from our livestock breeding, we also import and supply the UK retail and trade market with Repashy Crested Gecko Diet , and the rest of the Repashy Superfoods range. We have been feeding our Rhacodactylus Ciliatus colonies on the Repashy Crested Gecko diet for many years with fantastic results. For further information see the Crested Gecko Diet tab above and for ordering details please click on the banner below where you will be directed to our sister site www.repashy.co.uk


Repashy photos courtesy of Northern Gecko Inc.