Welcome to Lilly Exotics

Welcome to Lilly Exotics, UK breeders of quality reptiles.

Lilly Exotics is a small business grown out of a life-long passion for keeping and breeding reptiles and amphibians. Nick has been a dedicated hobbyist since a small boy in the early 70s - back in the days when if you wanted to keep a reptile, you basically went out to catch one. Over the years our interests have encompassed pretty well every type of reptile, with particular interest in breeding rare colubrids, true red-tail boas, green tree pythons and chameleons. 

Our specific interest in Crested Geckos started in 2005 when we procurred a sizeable quanity from our friend Scott Wilkinson, who had sourced his groups from multiple USA breeders in the early days of establishing this species in captivity. Since then, we have added different lines as and when they became available, and the rest is history. In addition to Crested Geckos we also produce Giant Geckos and Gargoyle Geckos, and are now working with Northern Blue Tongue Skinks.

As well as producing high-end reptiles for discerning hobbyists, we are equally proud of our role in supplying reasonably priced quality reptiles to the UK reptile trade. We believe that pet shops are the life blood of our hobby.

Lilly Exotics exclusively use and recommend Repashy products.